RYD Informational Quote #1

RYD Quote #1

I’ve been writing some decent one-liners on Facebook this year, so I wanted to practice my photo manipulation skills on some photos I’ve taken in the past and add in some inspirational quotes (or maybe more informational, lol) of mine!

“When we deem words more influential than actions, we are truly lost.”

Death by Design Skull Logo Collage

DbyD logo collage

Here is the first piece of advertisement I ever created for my new Death by Design brand: showcasing the first version of the skull logo and its two monochrome counterparts that would eventually grace the non-adhesive side of more than 75 promotional stickers that was given out to fans, friends, and family!

I ended up using the “bearded kid” advertisements more for these particular stickers, but at one point, I created a .gif of this collage, and posted that, instead.  I will post the animated version down the line, when I get some time!

Bros Before Bourgeoisie Ad #1

First Ad for the Bros Before Bourgeoisie clothing line

Now that the introductions are out of the way, and fans – old and new, alike – are receiving their bountiful, FREE stickers, it’s time to take a hardy step forward with Death by Designs!

Stickers are the past (for now) and shirts are the future! Take a gander at what YOU could be wearing this autumn, to pre-celebrate the “fall” of tyranny in one of these 3 amazing T’s!

Friday – and through next week – we will have a mass vote from all of YOU out there, to see which of these 3 shirts will be the first to be printed and sold!

DbyD Skull Logo Sticker “Welcome” Graphic

A special thanks to the sticker winners

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to those who chose liberty over death this month, and yearned for the coveted – and limited edition – Death by Design Skull Logo stickers. They are being printed as I type this, and should be sent to me by next week at the latest, in which I will then start sending them out to my lovely fans out there!

Welcome to the party, my friends and fellow humanists; let’s make sure it is one that will be remembered for generations to come!