LoS Lexicon

While creating different planets, cultures, people, etc. for the “Legends of Saviors” series, it seems I needed to use various systems of Earthly traditions to help create newer ones.  Therefore, I used known terminologies from those cultures – and even created some of my own – to be able to create something a bit unique.

This will be an ongoing lexicon/appendix for the different titles in the series, just in case one might be confused as to what they are reading:

  • Bio-Mechanical – The unique type of technology originating from the Saro Perspective that perfectly fuses together biological and mechanical components into new and old types of living organisms.
  • Buntaien(s) – First Tongue for “Life Warrior” or “Nature Angel,” these 5 galactic guardians are called upon only in moments of dire consequence in order to achieve balance again within their respective Perspectives.
  • Chaos Warrior(s) – The assembled series of the 5 synthetic Buntaiens created by Insignacious Kendell of the Saro Perspective.
  • Cold Space – The unknown parts of normal-universe space that hasn’t been visited yet.
  • Controller City(ies) – During the Energy Era on Par’N, the northwestern continent housed two different cities built across water, in an effort to harness the energies of the water itself.  They were eventually used to help regulate the other energy-harnessing systems on the other 2 continents.
  • Core Star(s) – Within the very “center” of each Perspective exists a crystalline-like spheroid that gives off light, but doesn’t give off heat. They also contain a physical Yin-god and the light they give off is the manifestation of a Yang-god.
  • Crashed City(ies) – A term used on Par’N after The Sun’s Rage to describe the destroyed or “lost cities” that no longer have energy running through them, and that litter some of the planet.
  • Dead-Tech – The term used by Par’Nians to describe the rarely usable technology that litters the landscapes of their planet.
  • Desert Field(s) – After the events of The Sun’s Rage, much of Par’N’s surface was changed drastically, creating places like the desert fields; beautiful fields of flowers and grass with many and various-sized pock holes of sand.
  • Energy Era – Once the Normg Virus struck the Saro Perspective, Par’N began creating technology dedicated to bio-mechanical environments and communication, which would both be powered by a global energy matrix using a type of wireless energy.
  • Eternal Enlightenment – Once a mortal-being goes through enough trials in their “wheel of life,” they are risen to the state of godhood. These gods can then achieve the rank of STARCK by achieving the various levels of enlightenment through all 12 Sefirots.
  • First Tongue – The oldest known/used universal language that uses phonetic, indivdual letters as entire ideas, and draws them together to pronounce specific word-sentences.
  • God Star – Within the very “center” of the ST’RCK-5 multi-macroverse exists a gigantic crystalline spheroid that is the physical manifestation of ST’RCK-5 and contains the essence of Ayrk and the remaining Kay Shards.
  • Guardian God(s) – A term used for the RuMas and MaRus of each planet within the ST’RCK-5 Perspectives.
  • Johnni Unit(s) – The series of cyborg-clones built from various engineers in the Reksta Perspective.
  • Kahoutek(s) – Large, atom-melding mechs piloted by aptly trained soldiers, distinctly created in the Reksta Perspective.
  • Kay Crystal – The condensed, remaining physical manifestation of the 13th Sefirot of Contrary.
  • Kay Shard(s) – The 13 “fragments” of the Kay Crystal that each house a different Kay Crystal-Heart.
  • Kueen(s) – The name given to specially chosen female Katuars who breed continuously to advance their planet’s population; a type of brood mother.
  • Legends of Saviors – The sprawling series of stories about different heroes/saviors from ST’RCK-5’s Perspectives.
  • Legion of North Bridge – The name given (before The Sun’s Rage) to the standing army of North Bridge, one of the Controller Cities of northwestern Par’N.
  • Lower-Family Sekt – Katuars form families who are deemed “weakest of the gene pool”, and are designated for tasks that require danger or sheer labor.
  • MaRu(s) – Every world within each of the Perspectives of ST’RCK-5 has two corresponding and yet opposite Guardian Gods that helps maintain balance; MaRu being the yin-appropriated one.
  • Multi-Macroverse – An amalgamation of 5 Perspectives made up of 5 Sol-Systems, each.
  • Normg Virus – One of the many terms used to try to explain what halted the immortality of the inhabitants of the different Perspectives of ST’RCK-5.
  • Perspective(s) – The 5 differing, contained “universes” within the ST’RCK-5, that each contain 5 “solar systems.”
  • RuMa(s) – Every world within each of ST’RCK-5 Perspectives has two corresponding and yet opposite Guardian Gods that helps maintain balance; RuMa being the yang-appropriated one.
  • Sol-System(s) – A solar system made up of 5 planets and a elementally-specific sun, where one planet always has an Alpha Species.
  • South Bridge Brigade – The name given (before The Sun’s Rage) to the standing army of South Bridge, one of the Controller Cities of northwestern Par’N.
  • Seed(s) of God – This term is what all Tarakin cultures within the Saro Perspective call their souls.
  • Star Seeker(s) – The RuMa-trained soliders that were sent to Reksta Perspective from the others in order to help assist the supposedly losing native TrueBuntaiens of said Perspective.
  • ST’RCK-5 – The outcome of a STARK and Kay combining, creating a series of contained “micro-galaxies” (filled with a series of “micro-solar systems”) revolving around a gigantic star-like, crystalline spheroid.
  • STARCK(s) – The end result/entity of the process known as Eternal Enlightenment, that is given the choice of creating either a black hole or a new solar system.
  • Sun’s Rage, The – The native name for the period of time on Par’N where Wajoby, Dreag’Yin, and Yin-En fought against each other devastating the planet’s inhabitants and civilizations.
  • Sun’s Ray, The – The global religion on Par’N during the Walking-Gods Era that embraced the suns – both distant and near – as gods and the RuMa’s as their messengers.
  • Walking-Gods Era – For a long time after the inception of the ST’RCK-5, all living creatures (flora and fauna) were born as “perfected” versions of their respective evolutionary tracks, endowed with immortality in all ways.
  • Revolution of Life – The cycle of life, death, and rebirth which every soul/spirit goes through numerous times to finally achieve godhood/oneness.
  • Yang-God(s) – Each of the Perspectives of the ST’RCK-5 have two corresponding and yet opposite Guardian Gods that helps maintain balance; the Yang-gods overlook the underlying “algorithms” behind the hows and whys of existence.
  • Yin-Clone(s) – Mixing the physical DNA from the “body” of a Perspective’s Yin-god with the genetics from other species to create a hybrid, demi-god clone.
  • Yin-God(s) – Each of the Perspectives of the ST’RCK-5 have two corresponding and yet opposite Guardian Gods that helps maintain balance; the Yin gods overlook the underlying “algorithms” behind the whats and wheres of existence.



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