I have had many inspiring idols in life, some often being of the fictional variety, but nevertheless I was inspired by the deeds they did, the stories they sung, and the words they wove; so here is an ongoing list of various (both real and not-so real) composers, warriors, scientists, heroes, developers, philosophers, musicians, and overall artists-of-life – in all of its different facets – that have and continue to inspire me to do what I do:

  • Akira Toriyama – A long-standing manga, anime, and video game designer and creator
  • Albert Einstein – A Theoretical Physicist who strove to understand the impossible
  • Brendon Small – A modern Renaissance-Artist who can create art in many different mediums
  • Chuck Palahniuk – A satirical novelist who brings to light the grotesque pieces of our overall lives
  • Cloud Strife – A confused boy who overcame himself to become a man that could help others
  • Edward Snowden – A true patriot who sacrificed his livelihood for the awakening of mankind
  • George Carlin – A modern soothsayer who hid behind the veil of a comedic genius
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi – A game developer who helped invent and help create riveting experiences
  • John Petrucci – A brilliant guitarist whose riffs and melodies embroiders the soul with emotions
  • John F. Kennedy – An American president who was consumed with revealing the truth of his country
  • Kamina Jeeha – A true leader that would stay by his followers and sacrifice everything for their futures
  • Nikola Tesla – An inventor who perceived the universe through frequencies and energy
  • Nobuo Uematsu – A distinct composer who brings another level of life to the games he works on
  • Spike Spiegel – A freelancing mercenary whose determination and will is unmatched
  • Tetsuya Nomura – An inspired game designer who helps create amazing adventures
  • Thomas Jefferson – An American founding father who fought against the tyranny of the world
  • Tyler Durden – A modern revolutionist who is made up of the many better parts of all of us



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