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Various types of postcards, mostly all created in Photoshop or Illustrator, that I had to create for others’ businesses or my own.

Altelier Postcard Concepts

Front Side of the “two”-sided postcard
Back Side of the “two”-sided postcard

After a while, I was hired to work part-time and on-call for Altelier VR in ways more than just creating advertising and marketing concepts.  I was to help with one of the initial ideas – Roving VR – which would allow us to take our services anywhere we wanted, and would charge based on certain payment plans.  Aside from the Roving VR service, my boss and mentor also wanted to delve into a service called “360° Views;” which would allow us to take detailed, 3D photos of the inside of wherever was requested.  Such places we had in mind were the insides of buildings (to be used on Google Maps), the insides of miltary vehicles and crafts (which would help with the training of new recruits and other things), the inside of properties for sale (so potential buyers wouldn’t have to travel to see their new homes or whatnot), and many other opportunities.

So, with a new service in mind, we thought we’d try to create a different type of advertising piece (something not as big and robust as the banner), to see if there was some potential for this service, locally.  Postcards seemed to match what we were looking for, in which we could either pass these around like mini-brochures, or even mail them throughout Lexington to get the word out.  However, like with the Altelier banner, we never got around to getting these printed.