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Transpatium Control Panel Artwork

The “Transpatium Control Panel” inside the RuMa Temple of Par’N

Like with the last showcase picture from “DDnD – Unsung Saviors” that I blogged about, this one, as well, was created by taking an image of a previous model I had created, and threw it on top of a background from the room that it can be revealed in by players.  Essentially, this control panel was for what was known as the “Transpatial Training Room” (when it was a part of a college project I did in 2017), and is now being used for basically the same thing, but in a slightly different room called the “Transpatium Exedra,” inside of the RuMa Earth Temple of planet Par’N.  Like with the Adytum Apex Tower and the RuMaeum Door, this one also has a slight puzzle built into its design, in which the players will have to solve if they want to train inside this “holodeck,” of sorts, to further the first campaign.

The post dealing with the original version of Transpatium Exedra room can be found here, if interested!

RuMaeum Doorway Artwork

The “RuMaeum Door” inside the RuMa Temple of Par’N

I wasn’t going to post the other two showcase pictures I had created for the first campaign of “DDnD – Unsung Saviors,” considering I had actually posted about them in a different light years ago, but considering that was a while ago, I thought I might as well show them off, again.  As for the third showcase picture, I took a model I had created for a college project – which was part of an entire level of a different game I had created prior – and implemented it into an image for the players to see.  Initially, this door was to be part of what will be later known as the “Transpatium Exedra” training facility within the RuMa Temple, but considering I didn’t feel it jived well with the theme of that very technological-ridden room, I made it the gateway to a very special library, also in the RuMa Temple of Par’N.

In “DDnD,” players must figure out how to open this special door, because apparent actions – like simply pushing the doors open – do not seem to work.  Like with the Adytum Apex tower in the very first section of the campaign, this, too, has a certain puzzle that must be solved before entering this archive of lost knowledge.

RuMa Temple Shrine Throne Artwork

The “Shrine Throne” inside the RuMa Temple of Par’N

Like with the Adytum Apex Tower, I went on to create several more different “showcase pictures” to be able to show off to the players of the game what it was they were actually looking at and interacting with.  This one, in particular, is the first one players get to reveal while inside the RuMa Temple (while the last one I posted about was outside, on top of the mountainous temple).

Not to give too much away, but this golden-colored memorial, of sorts, was once used by RuMa monks to both pray to their deity, and to actually conjure it up into a physical form.  Lighting the vine-like incense on both sides of the shrine-throne, a sparkling black and white smoke billows forth and coagulates into the inside of the padded area.  In under a minute, RuMa is able to take shape as a giant, floating, undulating, smoking head of what looks like an aged and wise Par’Nian (which is the main, native species of the planet that this first campaign takes place on).

Players will be able to follow in the steps of monks of old, and meet the very same entity that came to their dreams and beckoned them to such a stalwart and mysterious place.   Players are encouraged, at this point in the game, to ask as many questions as they can muster, to figure out more about the world they are on, the characters they are playing, and their purpose in the game, itself.

I am very proud of the “showcase pictures” I made for this campaign, pushing my Photoshop skills to the limit, and allowing me to be able to create things that have only been in my head, thus far.  I created two more “showcase pictures” for this first campaign, and might end up posting them as well down the line!

Adytum Apex Tower Artwork

The “Adytum Apex Tower” on top of RuMa Temple of Par’N

After a lot of contemplating on which direction I was going to take the stories and characters of “Legends of Saviors” next, I decided that instead of creating more standard games (like with “Sol Mates” and “Yenen’s Tale”), I would experiment a little and go back to some of video game’s roots; specifically speaking about Dungeons and Dragons.  Over a few months (on and off), I worked on taking the basic rules and feel of DnD, and transcribing it into a version that could be played on a Discord channel.  Creating a more streamlined experience, I took the rules from a prototype I had been working on (dubbed “Buntaien Brawlers,” yet another “Legends of Saviors” game), added in my own flair, and was able to come up with something that was consistently sound (mechanics and gameplay-wise) and even interesting.  However, I was far from being done with this first campaign in the making.

Instead of just posting static maps on Discord for the players to navigate through, I thought I’d actually create an interactive GM interface that would both assist me in making the game easier to manage during play, and also would be entertaining to any players involved!  What you see above is just one part of the interface I mentioned, and is a “showcase picture” of a landmark the players can reveal during the beginning of their travels in the first campaign.  It is a gold-colored, 5-tiered tower that sits atop the RuMa Earth Temple of Par’N, and it used for both prayer (from the local monks), and as the first puzzle that players must solve to actually get inside the temple, itself.

I will continue to post a lot more about this unique, digital tabletop experience (named “DDnD – Unsung Saviors”) in upcoming posts, and will show off a lot more showcase pictures, .gifs of effects, maps, and all sorts of other goodies!