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RYD Informational Quote #1

RYD Quote #1

I’ve been writing some decent one-liners on Facebook this year, so I wanted to practice my photo manipulation skills on some photos I’ve taken in the past and add in some inspirational quotes (or maybe more informational, lol) of mine!

“When we deem words more influential than actions, we are truly lost.”

Photograph Manipulation #1 – “Bliss at Yuko-En”

My first real success at photograph manipulation

Here recently I’ve been trying to learn new skills and techniques with Photoshop, involving how to use certain tools in both traditional and not-so traditional ways.  Even though the image you see above uses a small amount of photo manipulation (and more so superimposing of another image onto this one), I still feel it’s a good example of the type of things I am trying to learn.  Just to explain briefly, all I did was create several different layers out of the original photograph of the Yuk-En Japanese garden in Georgetown, Kentucky (a picture that I took some years ago), making sure the sky, the building, the lake, and the rocks jutting out from the lake were all cut out from one another, so I could place the word “BLISS” seamlessly in between the different layers.  This image took a little longer to create than I wanted, but I feel I became more familiar with certain tools (like certain selection tools), and that’s always a plus!

My inspiration for creating such a piece came from two very different sources.  First off, the place in the image is to be the future location where myself and my fiance will be getting “joined” (or married for those less imposed to believe in varied marriage rituals).  We’ve had out eye on this location for a while, and hopefully later this year (2018), we will be betrothed under a Japanese maple (or some other such Asian plant, lol).  The second source of inspiration came from the style, design, and placement of the lettering of the word “BLISS.”  There is a very odd (but typical) video out there online from Adult Swim called “Health | Off the Air,” and during the 12 minute-long trip, in one of the beginning scenes, the giant, capitalized word “HEALTH” brazenly rises above a lake, all golden and bold.  Something about the imagery really magnetized me to it, and I certainly wanted to try my hand at the somewhat same style, in which I feel like I did!  One last thing to note, even though the word above doesn’t engender the same sense of wonder and awe the “HEALTH” version did (mostly because, I think, of the different colors they chose to use), I actually wanted to garner a more serene feeling, one that inspired in a different way.