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Mortimer’s Mansion at Vector ’17 Panel

For the past few years, a video game conference called Vector has been hosted in April at EKU Gaming Institute for an entire weekend.  For my second year there, instead of just being a part of the ever-growing crowd like the first year – taking in the sights of local and big-wig game developers and industry leaders – I got to also be on an hour-long panel to discuss our experience (as HVRE) in making an indie, volunteer-based VR game for the Vive; “Mortimer’s Mansion.”

I did not personally edit this video, but as I said, I was on the panel in the video and got to be involved in two of my favorite past times: talking and video games!  We worked on Mortimer’s Mansion for half of the year in 2016, and got to discuss it in April of 2017.  I had a wonderful time, and it was an awesome experience to be able to present all of the hard work we had done, and also get to talk about it to curious students and onlookers, alike.

Enjoy the video!