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Various types of websites, mostly all created using HTML, HTML5, and CSS, that I had to create for the “Legends of Saviors” series.

Legends of Saviors Website

An earlier website I created for my gaming series
An earlier website I created for my gaming series

During my first couple of semesters at BCTC, I was not only tasked with learning InDesign, Maya, Unity, and a plethora of other programs, I also had to learn and utilize HTML, HTML 5, and CSS for create basic-responsive websites as part of my Graphic Designs track.  After turning them in, I went back to some of them to redesign them and to make them more personable for those who were to visit them!

One of the next websites I was to create in college (and eventually edit and host for my own uses) was a multi-paged site about something we cared about.  The main reason I had even rejoined college in the first place was to obtain the knowledge and experience to create a gaming series I have had in pre-production for almost 20 years – a long time to wait for something – my “Legends of Saviors” series (which is a working title).  I took what I had learned from creating the Ron Royse Imports site and expounded upon it, adding in various things that I hadn’t implemented before; like “index calling” for internal terms most people probably wouldn’t recognize firsthand, multiple pictures on individual pages, and a few others small details in the code.  I don’t really update nor use that site anymore (or at least, for the current moment) considering I now use this living portfolio way more often.