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Various types of conceptual pictures (typically drawing or Photoshop creations) that encompass prototypes of the different games (and board games) of the “Legends of Saviors” series.

Small Battle Arena Prototype

First concept of a small playing board for the Buntaien Brawlers prototype
First concept of a small playing board for the Buntaien Brawlers prototype

In creating a video game, board game – any invention, really – it is usually a good idea to plan ahead with a workable prototype, of some sort; to have the basic ideas, mechanics, etc. laid out on paper/hard drive to help with the creation of the first physical version of said invention.

So far with all of my posts, I have gone into character concepts, environment concepts, interface concepts, and many other aspects of (specifically, for the time being up until this post) the “Legends of Saviors” series, but I haven’t posted anything about the working prototype that I’ve had in the works for a little under a year, and finally finished up with some play testing and final tweaks a couple of months ago (again, prior to the date of this post).  For this post, I’m going to talk a little about the “Buntaien Brawlers” prototype I have, that could be updated and expanded upon for either the video game or board game versions (and for now, most of the rules apply to a pen-and-paper version, hence the use of the word “prototype”).

The picture above is a simple diagram of what the actual “Battle Arena” board look like, with 10 Movement Panels (the blank squares) and places for the various dice/counters/etc. one would use to help them fight, keep tabs of their stats, and use abilities.  This specific board is known as a “small board” (in which the “big board” has 16 Movement Panels), and is only for Legendary Duel mode – basically a 1v1 fight to the “death” – with each player at the far-reaching, adjacent ends from one another.  Each player goes back and forth, each taking their turn where they are allowed two actions every time; however, one of those actions ALWAYS has to be a move (where the player can move their Buntaien Medallion to one Movement Panel away, as long as its adjacent to the Panel they are currently on.  Other actions the players are allowed to take, other than moving (in which they can move twice a turn, if they choose to), is to Brawl with another Buntaien (using melee abilities), use an Essence ability, use a Soul Weapon ability, or go into a Power Stance (which I will go into more with a later post).

As I said, I will post more about this specific prototype – its mechanics, rules of play, and other facets – and any other prototypes I might end up creating, here in the near future!