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SPAce (Dreams Version) Logo

The logo for SPAce (Dreams Version)

“SPAce” was the third and final game I helped work on for HVRE 2017’s collection of games known simply as “Dreams.”  Completely conceived from the ground up by my fiance (who also has been a member of HVRE as long as I have), she wanted to create something akin to her most favorite of video games: “Myst.”  Like most traditional point-and-click adventures, this was was going to include locomotion through various static points in the game.  For example, the game starts out in a hallway, but you are only allowed to look around (not move, just yet).  The only way to move forward is to solve a small puzzle to get into the actual spa area; and the rest of the game echoes this simple mechanic.

Taking my wife’s ideas (from her notes and drawings), I jumped into Maya and Photoshop and within just a couple of weeks, I had a working and somewhat functional white box prototype for viewing; and suffice to say, she was beyond ecstatic.  We had some other members of HVRE jump on board, seeming interested in this sort of game, and the end result is exactly (according to my fiance’s words) what she was wanting out of it.

Like with the other two games I worked on in 2017, we got to show this game off at two different art galleries and even a gaming convention.  During those events, compared to all of the other games in the project (both of my own and everyone else’s), this one seemed to garner the most attention, downloads, and smiles!  I loved working on a functional game with my fiance and love, and would surely enjoy doing it again (or even updating this version into an ever better one).

Sol Mates (Dreams Version) Logo

The logo for Sol Mates (Dreams Version)

“Sol Mates,” as mentioned in another post, was first conceived as part of a business plan that I would put into effect post graduation in 2017.  I wanted to make a small VR experience showcasing some lore and mechanics from the “Legends of Saviors” series I’ve been working on, and because of the opportunity with HVRE in 2017, I was able to create just that (and then some!).

The idea behind “Sol Mates” was to create a super surreal type of experience, that would both dazzle and even confuse the players, in a sort of curious way.  Even though the game went through major changes in the first couple of months, to eventually portray something a bit different that was originally intended, I feel the game came out stronger and even more unique and surprising.  Like with “Yenen’s Tale,” I was able to show off this game at two different art galleries, and it was even part of an interactive booth at Lexplay Gaming Convention ’17!

I can’t thank the fellow HVRE members that helped on this project enough, because I feel I wasn’t the strongest coder or artist back then (I was trying to focus on design and mechanics for this specific game), and was really needing some direction from others in the group.

Yenen’s Tale (Dreams Version) Logo

The logo for Yenen’s Tale (Dreams Version)

“Yenen’s Tale” was also conceived during my time at BCTC, and was meant as a modernized throwback to a game I had created on the Playstation 1 using RPG Maker.  It, too, was part of the “Legends of Saviors” series, and was the story of how three of the main Buntaiens meet each other on the planet Par’N, and some of the events that transpire form their meeting.  In this version (the “Dreams” version), Yenen can’t do nearly as much traveling, but the game does encompass a small part of the older version, the typical RPG forest to get lost in (and before you ask, it is not called “The Lost Forest” or some such Zelda reference, but might as well be, haha).

As one can see with this promotional logo, it is split between the forest and city scenes, giving potential players a sneak peek for what they might be in for.  As previously mentioned in an earlier post, HVRE 2017 was to eventually present at Lexplay Gaming Convention ’17, but I failed to mention we also got to present at two other events (a stark difference from last year’s event hostings – which was one, haha).  Both of the other events were two different art galleries, with two different themes, but apparently what we had created applied to both, and we were invited to attend and even host!  I got to show off “Yenen’s Tale” at both of the art galleries, but I did not feel it was “appropriate” for Lexplay, but it was still well-received at the other venues!