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Mountain of Man | DbyD Skull Logo Sticker v2 Ad

The music video ad, in question

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Jung

With a new year, comes a new logo for Death by Design! Also with this new logo, comes a new product on the Death by Design Etsy store: The reinvented skull logo as a 4″x4″ sticker, akin to the ones given out during last year’s first promotional event.

Over the course of several months – off and on – I had pictures taken, created a song from scratch, and developed on a “visualizer” music video that would go along with the type of advertisement I wanted for this new sticker. I hope you all enjoy the quirkiness of this piece, and keep an eye out for even MORE DbyD stuff, coming just next month!

Death by Design Skull Logo Collage

DbyD logo collage

Here is the first piece of advertisement I ever created for my new Death by Design brand: showcasing the first version of the skull logo and its two monochrome counterparts that would eventually grace the non-adhesive side of more than 75 promotional stickers that was given out to fans, friends, and family!

I ended up using the “bearded kid” advertisements more for these particular stickers, but at one point, I created a .gif of this collage, and posted that, instead.  I will post the animated version down the line, when I get some time!

Bros Before Bourgeoisie Voting Ads

♦Click on these animated .gifs!◊

Alrighty, my faithful fellows and felines, the votes for Death by Design’s first “Bros Before Bourgeoisie” t-shirt have all been counted, and we now know who it is YOU wanted to be your winner.

In second place – which was a very close tie with the one that came in third – was Bros Before Cabals. However, the one that had more than double the votes of either of the other choices, is none other than Bros Before Propaganda!!

I want to personally thank everyone who keeps participating in Ronin Yeti Design’s new brand, Death by Design, and know that this is just the beginning. For those that casted a vote for the winner, you will receive a discount on said shirt when they are made. For those that didn’t choose the winner, but still had the strength to vote, you will be eligible to buy one of these Limited Edition shirts, which will not be available after a certain number of them is printed.

Again, thanks for choosing freedom and liberty over Death!

(P.S. I also wanted to share the other two .gifs I had created, just in case either one of the other two actually won.)

Welcome to the Party – Thanks from DbyD

I just wanted to thank all of those, once again, who took part in the very first promotional event that Death by Design had a couple of weeks ago: giving out FREE promotional stickers with the very first DbyD logo plastered onto it!

If you happened to have gotten your stickers already, please comment below or post your proof that you chose liberty over death on that fateful day!