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Yenen’s Tale Final Showcase

Within the last 2 weeks of school at BCTC, I was able to squeeze in two scenes where there should have only been one for my final in Video Game design.  I hope I was able to somewhat floor my teacher for my attempt at going above and beyond, but either way, I know I had a lot of fun making it and learned a lot of things I had never considered before.

Eventually last year, I was to take this game and create a VR version for an annual HVRE project; this year our game’s theme was to be “dreams,” and what better game of mine to have than “Yenen’s Tale” (a game that has been in the making for quite some time).  In the next couple of weeks, I will be posting a myriad of information on “Yenen’s Tale” – the VR version – and the other two “Dreams” games I helped create last year!

Enjoy the video.

Yenen’s Tale Walk Cycle

Nearing the end of my last semester at BCTC in 2017, I was to perfect a game I had been working on for almost the last year, through and for different classes, in different semesters.  “Yenen’s Tale” – another game in the “Legends of Saviors” series I’ve been in the midst of creating – was the name I gave my final project, and it was looking to be a very nice piece of work (if I may say so!).

This video shows off the first walking cycle I had ever put into a video game, and even though I was still very inexperienced at the coding part of what I needed to do, I was able to use Maya and Mechanim – the latter within Unity – effectively enough to create something that wasn’t entirely horrible!

Enjoy the video.

Transpatial Room Level


The "Transpatial Room" located within the RuMa Temple of Par'N
The “Transpatial Room” located within the RuMa Temple of Par’N

After creating conceptual characters, environments, mechanics, and so forth, I eventually delved into trying to amass those ideas into something more interactive.  Level design is relatively new to me (from the first-hand experience of actually putting assets together cohesively), and I hope to expand my knowledge on the subject.

For a later project in my Game Production class at BCTC, I was tasked with the creation of a personally conceived video game that would take place in an environment that we, ourselves, had to design and construct from digital scratch.  After jotting up a mini-GDD for a type of “shoot & dodge” mini-game and constructing several assets and textures, I had to utilize Unity to bring together what I had created, thus far.  After a couple of nights of constant construction and editing, I was able to conceive what you see in the pictures above.  Basically (as I have somewhat explained within the posts dealing with the assets used in this level), this “hologram” room will act as a type of training facility for the Buntaiens of of the Saro Perspective, where they can take on different enemy types in various challenges across different landscapes (however, what you see above would be considered the “null” or default landscape).

I am currently going through the paces of perfecting a model of a character that will be used for this game (by editing the mesh and textures, rigging, and animating it), contemplating on how the enemy types will look (basic mechanical, spheroid robots – think Star Wars: A New Hope), and brainstorming on how the coding will be to make everything actually work!  When I am able to create a playable version of this level, I will definitely be posting about it down the road, so look forward to it!