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Various types of business cards, mostly all created in Photoshop or Illustrator, that I had to create for my BCTC classes.

Ronin Yeti Designs 2nd Business Card

Front and back of the most current Ronin Yeti Design business cards

During my time at BCTC, I have learned how to use Photoshop, Maya, Unity, and many other programs that I never even touched before.  I have been tasked with creating models, design documents, characters, logos, and many other creations and have been both challenged and enthralled with these projects!

As mentioned in my previous post, my favorite version of my revamped logo happens to be the one I used in the middle of the back (or front, depends on one’s perspective) of the second business card I have created.  I am very proud of this design (both front and back), and feels, even though it might be a little cliche, that the style, colors, and information works very well; telling a small story as to who I am and where to find me.

The information side gives the viewer all of my top talents, and even has a small, triangle pattern that transitions to the “art” side (which shows a small sample as to my style of creation); the latter detail was actually proposed by my wife, so a shout out to her, per usual!

If you happen to live in Lexington, Kentucky, you might see these (or the first version) stuck about on random billboards in coffee shops, grocery stores, and anywhere else that might have a tack or two laying around to use.