About Me

I am a 33 year-old, perpetual kid who believes that the imagination is far stronger and more important than most people will attest to.  It’s both a living dream and a dreaming life, where impossibilities are taken for granted and visions of a million futures can be seen.  I feel the gateway to one’s imagination is a literal door, in which one can open for all to endure, or closed to keep oneself just one step above dead.  It’s a gift given to us, a tool to be used to create that which can only be seen within the mind’s eye; but considering we were also graced with thumbs, most of those living dreams can become reality.

With that being said, all video games were once just a passing fantasy in the mind of the dreamer(s), but most are now available for play on any system one might align themselves to.  Regardless of the brand name played upon, all video games have a story to tell (whether it’s through actual narrative, or simply through the game play) and experiences to engage the players in; to possibly get a reaction out of us, to open our mind’s eye to even newer possibilities, so perhaps the next generation can create even more amazing dreams.

I have been living in a dream of sorts for many years, and hope that one day, through my gaming and graphic design projects, that I can bring out an experience that will be remembered for generations to come; to possibly propel them further into the realms of countless dreams, so that they might bring back a piece to share with others, to keep the endless spiral of creativity aflame!


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