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For the past 3 months I have been working very hard on updating all of my social media sites, getting them and myself ready for landing a job in the gaming industry.  Whether it was this blog that you are on right now, my Youtube channel, my online, living portfolio – or any of the many others –  I felt like I needed to start marketing myself once again, but with an injection of new content and fervor!

As for some of the next several posts (among other content), I will be briefly posting about each of these different sites, and giving out the link to said website.  If you, whoever is reading this, does not feel like waiting for me to post about them, you can always go ahead and check them out within the “Sites” page, in between the “Games” page and search bar, to see where I linger within the webs!

So, here in my link for the Ronin Yeti Designs Twitter Page, a place that I don’t frequent nearly as much as I once did, but I plan on doing some much-needed marketing on there in the weeks to come!

Aeowen Facebook Banner #1

A custom Facebook banner for my wife
The final version of her first custom Facebook banner

Lately, I have been helping out my wife by making graphics for her side business (DeskMate, a VA service for people on-the-go and need help with day to day activities), creating all sorts of things in a cute and simplistic style.  She decided she liked the DeskMate icons so much, she asked me if I could make her a custom Facebook banner in the same style, one that encompassed what she was all about.  She ended up sending me several reference images, having to do with Veganism and whatnot, and I was very glad to be able to help her out, once again.  I asked her what her 3 favorite fruits and 3 favorite veggies were, and drew them up using the pen tool.  I was originally going to place each of the food icons in rows and columns, trying to take up as much of the background of her banner as possible, but I decided to challenge myself just a little bit, and made the icons radially surround a centerpiece instead (which eventually became a block of smiling tofu).  The banner was looking nifty and I even told my wife I could make her a wallpaper or even other types of banners (like for her LinkedIn or whatnot) in the same style.

She was pleased, but she felt something was missing, so she went back and decided to send me even more reference images, but this time of famous people she looked up to (most, if not all of them, being Vegans, themselves).  I took the best of the best of each of the 10 people chosen (not including myself), and we both decided to have them lined up on the bottom – each being of a different color – with my giant head rising up in the background like some sort of blonde phoenix.  I was somewhat against my face being the new centerpiece for a banner that was to grace her Facebook, but she said I was one of her inspirational heroes, as well, and I humbly agreed to putting myself on it, after all.