DeskMate Logo #2 Final Versions

Not too long ago, I posted 3 different, working templates for a new DeskMate logo I had been designing for my wife’s Virtual Assistant business, and now I get to show off the final versions that were born from those collages.  After slimming down all of the choices I had created, we both agreed that this version – with the more blocky, serif font and stylized envelope/letter “M” – captured the essence of what DeskMate was all about.  The colors we decided upon were taken from the color palette we had already finalized with her last website icons that were created, keeping the same light blue and gold from those pieces, and implementing solid black wherever appropriate.

The reason for multiple “final” versions of this logo was so she could use them amongst different backgrounds, websites, etc.  Even though this might look simple (which is is), I am proud of this design.  I have had my hand in several projects before, but none that called for subtlety over flare, and I was thrilled to be able to stretch myself to be able to create something that is both easy to look at, but has a double-meaning hiding in plain sight.  I hope she is able to use these logos as much as possible, and that it helps her business garner even more clients in the near future!