DDnD – Unsung Saviors v1.0 Showcase

In my quest to better myself and the many sites I’m a part of, I have been diligently working on overhauling my original online portfolio, updating it with all of the wonderful experiences I’ve been a part of and/or have worked on.  I hadn’t really done anything to it since I graduated in the summer of 2017, and felt it needed a bit of a face-lift.

The video above is one of the portfolio pieces I made specifically for the Game Development part of the site, conveying one of the many games I’ve had the chance to work on and create from scratch.

Enjoy the video, and look out for even more coming soon, including the link to the new and revamped Ronin Yeti Designs Portfolio!

DeskMate Logo #2 Templates

I have much confidence in my wife, and in any endeavor she puts her mind and little heart to, so I thought I would keep helping her with her VA side business as much as I could.  I had already created some icons to encompass the feel of her business, a simple logo that went along with other icons I had created, and then I animated said icons so that they could be used as an interface for the homepage of her newly-created website.  So now, using an initial idea that Aeowen had given me, we wanted to create a newer logo, a simple yet effective one that could be used for both printed and digital means.

The three different collages of images above are the steps I took in reiterating her idea into reality.  The first collage had to do with the centerpiece of the logo, transforming the letter “M” into a envelope (which had been used on the first icons I made for her) using negative space in a clever way.  As you can see, I created several versions of the stylized “M”, and eventually showed them to my wife, in which she decided on a few of them to be experimented with for the next step.

The second phase of this project had me implementing the actual name of her business – “DeskMate” – alongside some of the different “M’s” I had created, prior.  I attempted to create 5 different versions of this logo, at this point, making sure the two different fonts we had chosen went along with the “M’s” that was agreed upon.  Eventually, after taking a look at what I had done, she ended up boiling her choices down to two somewhat different styles, and then I created 5 variants of each, hoping to capture the look and feeling that was in her head within at least one of them.

We have, at this point, already figured out which ones out of the last collage above seemed the best of the best, and I will be posting about them in the near future!