Mortimer’s Mansion v1.0 Showcase

In my quest to better myself and the many sites I’m a part of, I have been diligently working on overhauling my original online portfolio, updating it with all of the wonderful experiences I’ve been a part of and/or have worked on.  I hadn’t really done anything to it since I graduated in the summer of 2017, and felt it needed a bit of a face-lift.

The video above is one of the portfolio pieces I made specifically for the Game Development part of the site, conveying one of the many games I’ve had the chance to work on and create from scratch.

Enjoy the video, and look out for even more coming soon, including the link to the new and revamped Ronin Yeti Designs Portfolio!

Karl Marx/RUN DMC Parody Sticker

The 3-lettered version
The 4-lettered version

The two images seen above is another designed piece from the KFTC brand that I have been collaborating on with one of my current clients.  Considering the theme of this brand is crassness and boldness (whether they are blatant or somewhat hidden in meaning), my client wanted to stick with the monochrome theme that is well known within crass artwork, but also add a splash of effective color (kind of like the “Socialism or Extinction” bumper sticker I’ve done for him, prior).

RUN DMC is one of the most popular Hip Hop groups ever to come out of North America, and spoke against injustices of the state and those employed by it (among other topics of interest to myself and my client).  Karl Marx was also against certain powers that be and their corrupting ideologies, and I assume my client saw this connection and the idea for this sticker arose from that.  Many iterations were created until the final versions above came to be, mostly because we didn’t want to have to buy rights to the RUN DMC font (which is basically a variation of Franklin Gothic Heavy), and wanted the font to be perfect, to give off that same feeling as RUN DMC does to the psyche of those that know of them.  The other big problem we faced was choosing whether or not we wanted to use the name Karl Marx in its entirety, or slim it down to 3 letters each to better resemble the original design.  We couldn’t determine which version would be the most effective, so I decided to just go ahead and create both, and we could figure it out in the near future.