Report Cover AI Graphics

2017 was a big year for both myself and my wife, both of us working towards our careers, trying to assess our place in this town and how we can possibly make extra money doing what we want to do.  With that being said, this year of 2018 is looking to be even better, us both having multiple clients in our respective fields – expanding our experiences and knowledge – and we are determined to keep up the momentum we have created.  Even though both of our projected careers are a bit different from one another, we are compelled to help one another succeed!

What you see above was my attempt at helping my wife, yet again.  She was tasked by one of her clients to write a white research paper to summarize the history of artificial intelligence, and to weigh the pros and cons of implementing such an amazing technology into other mediums and uses.  Like with most papers of that kind, she also had to have some custom graphics donning some of the pages (like bar graphs and other images), so she came to me hoping I would be able to come up with something simple and impactful for the front page of her report.  I did some menial research into how AI is perceived through the lens of us humans, and decided to go through with recreating a consistent design I kept seeing through my searches: an artificial brain, of sorts.

Once I created several different styles, I stuck with one of them, and then decided to create different variations of what I, and my wife, had deemed to be appropriate.  The three different iterations you see above are the best of the best I had created, and we eventually decided upon the graphic farthest to the right (the one with the pinky, squishy brain, compared to the more mechanical and/or colorful versions).  I love helping clients create magic, but I cherish helping my love even more so; we are in this together, and we shall pierce the heavens with our endeavors!

SPAce v1.5 Showcase

In my quest to better myself and the many sites I’m a part of, I have been diligently working on overhauling my original online portfolio, updating it with all of the wonderful experiences I’ve been a part of and/or have worked on.  I hadn’t really done anything to it since I graduated in the summer of 2017, and felt it needed a bit of a face-lift.

The video above is one of the portfolio pieces I made specifically for the Game Development part of the site, conveying one of the many games I’ve had the chance to work on and create from scratch.

Enjoy the video, and look out for even more coming soon, including the link to the new and revamped Ronin Yeti Designs Portfolio!