DeskMate Homepage Laptop Icon v1

Interactive Laptop icon for DeskMate’s homepage

Alrighty, for those that have been keeping up with my posts about the various DeskMate VA icons I have been creating, here is the last animated .gif I worked on for Aeowen – the client in question.  Other than the nameplate icon I posted about not too long ago, this is also another center piece for the homepage menu we are putting together.

Compared to the other .gifs I made, this one definitely took the most time to translate from my mind to the digital screen.  As one can see, not only did I animate the Start menus (in Windows 10 style), but also gave the illusion of a rotating world as the background image.  There were two ways I could have gone about creating the illusion of a spinning Earth, and of course, in typical Ronin Yeti fashion, I took the hard route, haha.  My wife even came up to me after showing her this, asking if I had created a masking effect on the circle of the planet, to show off a sort of panning world behind it.  Sadly, I had to tell her “nope,” and that the way I got this to work was I literally moved the green landmasses about 5 pixels to the left, deleted what was falling off the left side of the circle, and drew onto what was supposed to be showing up on the right.  I did this over and over, frame by frame, until I was back to the first frame of landmasses, again. Suffice to say, I could have made this project a lot easier on myself, but I’m a stubborn person, and only the harshest of lessons seem to take root in my mind.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing the whats and hows of my first set of animated .gifs from scratch.  Considering I feel I did pretty well with these, I might consider stretching myself and making even more, for different reasons, clients, whoever/whatever!

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