DeskMate Homepage Planner Icon v1

Interactive Planner icon for DeskMate’s homepage

I am almost done blogging about the various icons I have created for the upcoming DeskMate website, a place to get all of your Virtual Assistant needs!  The .gif above is the second-to-last one I worked on, and was, by far, more challenging to animate compared to the others I have shown off.  For this icon, I couldn’t simply take parts/layers of the original image and manipulate them like I had with most of the others.  Instead, I would have to take perspective into consideration, and create some new pieces (specifically talking about the different views I’d need of the cover of the binder) that would help convey a smooth transition between the frames.

I have never really animated anything like this before, having to actually create frames that used assets that weren’t from the original design, and found myself pleasantly surprised at the simple, yet convincing outcome of an actual binder opening and closing.  Here soon, there is one more animated icon to discuss – it being the most challenging one to date – and I can’t wait to show if off to you all!

Transpatial Training Room v0.5 Showcase

In my quest to better myself and the many sites I’m a part of, I have been diligently working on overhauling my original online portfolio, updating it with all of the wonderful experiences I’ve been a part of and/or have worked on.  I hadn’t really done anything to it since I graduated in the summer of 2017, and felt it needed a bit of a face-lift.

The video above is one of the portfolio pieces I made specifically for the Game Development part of the site, conveying one of the many games I’ve had the chance to work on and create from scratch.

Enjoy the video, and look out for even more coming soon, including the link to the new and revamped Ronin Yeti Designs Portfolio!