DeskMate Homepage Name Plate Icon v1

Interactive Name Plate icon for DeskMate’s homepage

Onto, yet, another DeskMate homepage animated icon, however this one is a bit simpler than the others I’ve shown so far.  What you see above is the center piece of the entire homepage, and is supposed to have (as you might have seen in a previous post) the rest of the animated icons surrounding it, yet again, signifying the importance of what the icon says, and what sub-page it should lead to (which in this case, I would assume would be a Contact page of sorts, or perhaps an About Me page).

Instead of trying to capture the feel of some of the principles of animation, I wanted to simply have a cute, yet somewhat impactful animation for this one (that, and you can’t animate a hunk of wood and metal in too many realistic ways).  Considering one of the colors for the 4-color palette we chose is gold, I wanted to compound that idea and give this piece a shimmer on some of the golden areas, scaling up and down a simple, 4-pointed star on various parts of the icon.  I think this turned out nicely, and Aeowen – the DeskMate client in question – simply adored it, per usual.

Deving in the Dojo – Maya Model Tutorial

To take a slight break from DeskMate icons and “DDnD”-related stuff, I thought I’d dig around a bit in my old stash of creations and post something slightly different.  Most might not realize this, but I actually have 3 different YouTube channels – one that encompasses everything Ronin Yeti, another that is basically a library of home videos from my past, and lastly, a Gaming Dojo channel, that was originally created for the sole purpose of teaching people about video games in various ways (how to make them, issues and facts, etc.).

One of my colleagues from HVRE last year convinced me that I should help others make games, considering I need all thew help I could get initially.  With that motivation, I sought out to begin creating a small, 3-episode mini-series on the very basics of creating a model, importing it into a game engine, and finally animating said model.  With all of the stuff that was going on at the time (and still is happening), I only really got time to make the first episode, of which I am somewhat proud of, to be quite honest.

The above video teaches one how to simply make a hand model in Maya, showing off the best and quickest way to create what is normally seen as a hassle in 3D model creation.

Enjoy the video, and hopefully I’ll get back to finishing up this mini-series soon, and begin creating others, as well!