Team Glorious Hole Campaign #1 Playthrough

Last time when I posted about “DDnD – Unsung Saviors,” I showed off a compilation video summarizing the first team’s experience going through the first half of the first campaign.  I had decided to convey more humor than actual substance, and was hoping to garner some laughs and curiosity from the video.  After making that video, I also decided to make 10-12 minute mini-episodes of Team Glorious Hole’s romp through Campaign #1, showcasing more story, mechanics, features, and overall lore compared to the compilation posted previously.

There are only 4 episodes in the above playlist, for the moment, but as soon as I get more time to edit the second half of Campaign #1, I will be adding even more, so keep a look out for new videos in this specific playlist!

Enjoy the videos!

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