DeskMate Homepage Stapler Icon v1

Interactive Stapler icon for DeskMate’s homepage

Now back to even more animated icons from the DeskMate website’s homepage!  Compared to the others I have shown off so far, this one required some editing of specific parts of the image, itself, so I could articulate the motions of an actual stapler.  I basically split up the different sub-layers of the image into three main layers for animating – the base, the top, and the inner piece.  Instead of simply using rotation and basic movements like with the other .gifs, I wanted to make this particular piece look like it was actually trying to staple something together.

With some important key frames created, and adding in some tween frames in between them, I came out on the other end with what you see above!  Even if a little “abrupt” at times – in regard to some of the inbetweens – I feel like this icon gives off a realistic feeling of weight and has a solid and smooth action of stapling.  One other thing to mention, most (if not all ) of the other DeskMate homepage .gifs I’ve posted has had the same color palette – with whites, grays, and some minor color differences.  Like with the business pen, this icon – and the remaining ones I will be posting about soon – will be, instead, using both black and gold, to help give off an air of professionalism and sophistication.

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