DeskMate Homepage Pencil Holder Icon v1

Interactive Pencil Holder icon for DeskMate’s homepage

Now back to more animated DeskMate homepage icons, of which I present the pencil holder .gif!  Considering the other .gifs I’ve posted so far have been relatively tame in an animation sense (except for the paper stack one – which was still somewhat simple to create), I eventually wanted to challenge myself further.  Rather than simply making something do a circle or changing up movements slightly with each frame, I wanted to test myself to see if I could animate using some of the principles of animation created long ago.

Taking into consideration the slow in and slow out method and also some basic timing, I wanted to create the illusion of pencils bouncing up (off of their erasers), and then falling somewhat slowly back into place.  To achieve this, I had to take each pencil, and firstly animate them jumping up into a pose.  To create the faster movement of them jumping up, less frames were used for each pencil.  To create the slower movement of them falling back into place, I used more frames for each pencil, putting them back into place where they first began.

I realize that the above example might not be the best presentation of the two animation principles I brought up, but considering this was my very first attempt at using them in a 2D manner (typically I’ve only used animation principles while animating 3D models – which is probably a bit tougher considering they have 3 axis compared to the 2 I’ve been working on with these icons), I believe this animation turned out pretty swell.  I do plan on going back to each .gif down the road and revamping them, but for now, this will do, pig.

Team Leader Effect (Yenen’s) (200th Post!)

The Team Lead effects (both v1) for Yenen in action

Since August of 2016, I have been updating this blog (both consistently and not so much).  Today, almost 2 years later, marks my 200th post and I am ecstatic to realize just how much graphic and game design work I have done in the past 2-3 years.  For those that have stayed with me through this newest journey of mine, thank you so much for being here and sticking with me!  I hope you all stay tuned for even more, because I have only just begun.  Anyway, back to the post at hand!

What you see above is the very last feature I had created for the first version of the GM Interface for “DDnD – Unsung Saviors.”  Being yet another simple sprite swap, this visual effect has to do with who in the group of 5 Buntaiens will get to be the Team Leader.  I thought placing a simple, golden crown on the portrait and Character Medallion of the winning player (based on dice rolls from the team, unless they decide to vote for their Team Lead) would be efficient enough to display their new, important role in the party.

At first, way before I had even decided to make an interactive interface for the game, I was going to have each player move around the maps at their own volition, not having to stay with the rest of the group.  As I began to make more rules and eventually got around to the GM Interface mentioned, it seemed less and less likely that players would be able to meander around by themselves, lest the game become confusing and overbearing for both the players and GM involved.  So, with that figured out, I decided to think about RPG games, and how their parties are formed and the like.  Just like with Final Fantasies or Breath of Fires or whatever, most parties always follow one person, a leader of the team.  Already sticking with some traditional RPG rules, I went ahead and decided to make this a feature in the game, as well, to help keep the team together, and to keep the campaign consistent and on track.  However, I do plan on allowing players to break off into smaller groups, if not individual ones, for later campaign, when the stories permits it.

By the way, like I mentioned earlier, since this was the last real effect or feature I made for “DDnD,” I will finally be posting actual gameplay videos from the game, itself, here very soon.  So be on the lookout for that!