DeskMate Homepage Coffee Mug Icon v1

Interactive Mug icon for DeskMate’s homepage

In one of my previous posts I began to talk about how I’m in the midst of helping my wife with her VA (Virtual Assistant) website, designing and helping create an interactive homepage with animated icons to help navigate through the rest of the site.  Based on her business card that she is planning on printing this summer, her homepage is made up of a single, wooden desk with various icons spread across it (like a laptop, the flower pot I posted earlier, this coffee mug, and others I will be posting in the future).

What we are hoping to do (with the help of a programming friend that helped with some of the indie games I worked on in 2017), is to have each icon on the desk be interactive (by either hovering over it with a mouse, or by simply clicking on it – which depends on what device it is being viewed on) and take the viewer to designated pages depending on which icon they chose to interact with.  Each icon is supposed to invoke some sort of subconscious (or even somewhat conscious) feeling that will let them know what information might lie behind the use of each, but we are also considering having words pop up, to accompany the animations of the icons.

As for this specific icon, every business women (and man, apparently) must have an injection of energy somewhere close by.  Considering coffee is the universal drink for such a desire, I thought I’d create a coffee mug with swirling cream and a beating heart, to help solidify the feeling of energy and warmth (which Aeowen, my wife, has in spades).  Which page this icon might lead to is up in the air, at the moment, but once all of the icon .gifs are created, we will decide what icons would be best for which services/pages/etc.

Buntaien Focus Stance Effects v1

The different Focus Stance effects (all v1) in action

Let’s continue to go over more of the assets for the GM interface of “DDnD – Unsung Saviors,” specifically more about the Player Viewer side, and how it can control aspects from the Map Viewer side.  As for what you see above, interacting with each character portrait will activate a designated particle effect for each Buntaien.  Each one has a different color – the color that specifies their unique powers – but is basically the same effect repeated for each.

The purpose for these particle effects is to signify to each player when a character is in Focus Stance or not (the effect being on means that character is currently in a Focus Stance, while it being off means they are not).  For now, during a battle in “DDnD,” players have to take two actions before their turn is over.  One of those turns always has to be a move (players can move in any direction around their Character Medallions, unless their area is obfuscated or plainly blocked off), however, they have a variety of options for their other action.  For this example, one of those actions could be to place their character in a Focus Stance, which is a great boon to the character.

While a character is in Focus Stance, their attack and defense stats are raised from a D4 die to a D6 die (which basically strengthens their attack and defense by up to 2 points).  Typically if a player sees another player in Focus Stance, it is ill advised to attack them, unless their player is also in their own Focus Stance (the simple reason for this is because without being Focused, they can only attack and defend with a D4, compared to the D6 while Focused).  The only way to take another player out of this Stance is to inflict damage onto them (but again, that is more difficult and mathematically less likely to happen without also being in a Focus Stance).  One sure-fire way of defending against another Focused player is to use a Throw action against them.  Throws typically have a very high chance of success and automatically inflicts at least 1 point of damage if successful, so it is, for now, the best technique to use against an attacking – or even defending – Focused player.