Wajoby’s First Dream Video

A week before I was to host the very first run-through of Campaign #1 – Tutorial for “DDnD – Unsung Saviors,” I felt the need to give the players something to see before they were to jump into the world I had been creating for them.  Akin to the introduction of the Playstation 1, RPG Maker version of “Legends of Saviors” that I created a half my lifetime ago, I wanted to envelope the players in a sort of waking dream that would both captivate them and breed a sense of curiosity.  To do this, I would have to use Unity, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Audacity, and utilize a unique script – not of the mathematical kind – I had written up for each of the 5 main characters that the players had already chosen from.

What you see above is Wajoby’s First Dream: a message that will help set the tone of the game, introduce certain aspects of the character that maybe the player may not know yet (stuff that I didn’t put on one of the pages of their Character Deck – something I’m sure I will keep posting about later on), and give them a driving purpose as to why they are here, and what they could expect from the game to come.

Please enjoy the video!

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