Character Deck v2 (Yenen’s)

I have, thus far, previously explained and presented the first version of the Character Deck for “DDnD – Unsung Saviors,” and then later, I gave some examples of used Statistic Cards for the 5 main, Buntaien characters.  For this post, I’m going to go into the second version of the Character Deck, and what changes I’ve made to better facilitate future campaign playthroughs (for both the players and GM, alike).

As for the first, Statistic Card, each main character can now equip up to 10 different pieces of gear in all, of which 3 of those Slots will be exclusive to each Buntaien (using the above image as an example, Yenen can uniquely wear a neck piece, a cape, and a belt, but shares the other 7 Gear Slots with the other Buntaiens – each one can wear a head piece, chest piece, legs piece, two feet pieces, and two hand pieces).  I wanted players to be able to trade Gear amongst each other, but also find special pieces for their specific character, to feel attached to their new item and accomplished in unearthing it.

Another radical change on the Statistic Cards is the bottom area – where Kay Memories were to be stored, once – a spot for players to unlock their character’s Secondary Abilities (I went back and also changed the word “Abilities” to “Main Abilities,” to signify the difference in the new new version).  Being a somewhat back burner feature for “DDnD,” I didn’t expect the players from the first run through would uncover so much, so soon.  So, I had to wing it and unlock special abilities for them on the fly during the campaign, of which they could be used to solve puzzles, uncover hidden items or information, to use their special Buntaien Powers in ways other than combat, and a myriad of other uses.  Kind of like with the POIs on the maps, I wanted there to be spaces with the same type of question marks to cover something that they would have to reveal about themselves (or their character-selves, I suppose), again, like with the POI system.  Eventually, each Buntaien will be able to unlock 5, exclusive Secondary Abilties through experimentation, teamwork, and/or specific story-based events, each with their own unique icons.

Since the Kay Memories area is now being utilized differently, I went ahead and made it its own Card, which will give players 6 different slots to fill in (eventually with personalized images for each one), for 6 different memories of the worlds they will be exploring.  Once the first player unlocks the first Kay Memory in a future campaign, I may have to change the Card again, to make sure its a viable space for such a thing.

Lastly, as one can see above, the Inventory Cards and Personal Cards have not been altered (as of yet), and I feel they are suitable for their different purposes.  This Character Deck concept and presentation is a work in progress, and I will keep updating them visually and structurally as needed, so keep a lookout for future versions!

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