Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights Episode #5

The previous four episodes of this series was created before I enrolled back into college in 2015, and before I was using Adobe programs (like Photoshop and Premiere); back then I was forced to wrangle Windows Movie Maker and Paint to get what I wanted.  After the release of the 4th episode, I was enthralled to find out that people were actually starting to dig these videos, and was garnering way more likes and views from this series than anything else I had previously worked on.  With the advent of school approaching, and no free time in the foreseeable future, I put “Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights” on the back burner, until I had more time on my hands, and knew more about certain computer software (so that I could truly capture the essence of what I wanted to see in these videos – of which, as said before, the 4th one came pretty damn close).

Finally, after almost 2 years, I took what I had learned with Premiere and Photoshop and finally created a long-awaited 5th episode.  I wanted to keep with some of the same themes I had been using (like different voices, humor in the script, awesomeness in the clips, and some graphics with sound effects, here and there), and tried to make a simpler version compared to the ones that came before.  There aren’t nearly as many graphics floating about, and the voices are pretty tame (I was trying to capture the sound of each character’s voice and dialect), but if one were to boil down this series, I feel this video would sum it up pretty well (even though the 4th episode is still mine and other people’s favorite).  As the lack of views might attest to, this episode didn’t get the same amount of attention like the previous ones (maybe because I waited too long to keep people’s attentions, or maybe because it’s just not as good as the others), but if I end up making more episodes in the future, I want to make them just as priceless as episode #4.

Enjoy the video!

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