Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights Episode #2

After making what I call my “pilot” episode, I wanted to move onto the 2nd episode, carrying some of the same themes as before (like 3 different clips, all clips showing off either a great win or a great embarrassment for myself, and a couple of other minor things).  However, this time around, I felt like adding in a bit more comedy; with both the clips, themselves, and the way I narrated what was going on over them.  One way I did this was to add in a character voice for the 3rd clip, as if I was actually in the game, itself (or at least the character in the game recalling the events of the clip being shown).  I felt, at the time, that myself doing a voice or two fit well with what I was wanting to create, and kept that in mind for the next episode.

Enjoy the video!

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