Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights Episode #1

Before enrolling back into college years ago, I was dabbling in a few things that I thought would help me figure out what I really wanted to do in life.  Like with most big gamers out there at the time, I was getting involved in the whole Let’s Play craze of streaming video games to excitable onlookers through Twitch.  Alongside my digital travels into the unknown with online friends at my side, I also wanted to start creating something (and not just playing games for likes and laughs).  That’s when, in my free time away from streaming different Let’s Play series’, I also began to record myself playing games without an audience, and would eventually take some of those random clips and throw them together into short and sweet compilation videos using nothing but Windows Movie Maker (wretch).

I will admit, this first video did not capture the feeling nor the editing skills I wanted to convey (but then again, I had only had experience editing off the beginnings and endings of my prior streamed videos, so this was an entirely different project), but eventually, in my later episodes of “Ronin Yeti’s Gaming Highlights,” I am able to encapsulate the type of humor and nuances into nice little packages that this one somewhat lacks.

Enjoy the video!

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