WotW: Dogma Book Cover v1

WotW Dogma book cover version #1

“Wait of the World: Dogma” is a satirical, dark comedic novel I have been working on (on and off) since I was a junior in high school.  I had a creative writing class that year, and was spurned to create many works of word-art.  One day, I happened to channel both “Fight Club” and Quinton Tarantino in a rather morose way, and came up with a chapter dealing with two psychopathic “business men” robbing a bank and basically murdering everyone in the scene.  There really wasn’t much forethought behind the story, characters, or really any of it; it just sounded entertaining to me and somehow humorous (in the way I wrote it).  Eventually, I was able to read it in front of class (oddly enough) and people actually liked it!

From there – through two tours of college, and half a life of misery and disappointment through shit jobs – I would find myself inserting that specific chapter into a novel I had begun writing (at the very start of college in 2003), and it began to take over my life, in a sense.  For the first few years of writing, that’s all I’d find myself doing.  I actually quit college the first time through because of several reasons, but one that seemed more prominent than the others was the fact that myself writing this book was taking up around 50% of each day, every day.  I was fascinated and obsessed with this new reality (and all of the characters and events) I was creating, and yearned for it to possibly be put on a pedestal like the book version of “Fight Club,” one day.

Not too long after the first few years of writing, life happened (horribly, I might add), and it got in the way of my creative processes.  For many years after I would only ever gaze at certain chapters in my book, and take notes in several notebooks I had kept.  It wasn’t really until after I graduated college the second time through (in 2017), that I went back, full-force, and decided that I had waited long enough to finish it.  I took the opportunity from NaNoWriMo ’17 to finally update and “finish” up this tome I had kept half of my life, and was ecstatic to find out that by the end, I had written 30,000 more words than were necessary for a NaNo victory!  I feel this version if far better than the older one (considering I have more life experience now, and am a way better writer than I once was), and actually have almost a dozen beta-readers reviewing a copy of it as I type this!

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