KFTC Brand Logo

Official logo for KFTC brand

As mentioned in some previous posts, I have been dabbling in graphic design freelancing (with both freebies and pieces that garner some cash), and luckily for me, in the second year of BCTC, I had already found a future client in the waiting, to help create a brand line for a type of crass, guerilla marketing campaign, called KFTC (also known as “Kill For The Cause”).

A few months after I had created three different pieces for him (which spilled into 2018), he was, yet again, looking for my assistance to further his brand.   Like with the other jobs he had me do previously, he already had something in mind (or in this case, on paper) for me to transcribe into a digital form.  Considering he hadn’t got his logo off of paper, yet, he thought it was the right time to do so.  He showed me about a dozen different ways he drew the acronym of his brand, and we ended up picking one very similar to what you see above.  I took the version he gave me, and over a couple of days, using different types of image-tracing options in Illustrator – and perfecting some of the finer vector points – I was able to fashion what you see; simple and sound.  His version of this logo had more of a brushstroke feel to it, with lines and dots of white splattered here and there, but he evidently wanted the end result to be cleaned up a bit more.

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