DeskMate Business Card #1

The front of the DeskMate business card
The back of the DeskMate business card

Not too long ago I posted a picture with four different icons next to each other, representing what my fiance wanted for the side-business she’s been dabbling in.  I had told her I was also going to create a logo for her, based on some ideas that we had gone over together, but it would take me several months in between making the icons and coming up with what you see above, but I eventually did get around to doing it (much to my fiances jubilation).

We had talked about what kind of services she could offer (which is apparently many), but wanted to scale down her expertise into a more niche category.  Being a “VA” (or Virtual Assistant – typically one that helps clients through the internet, only) was already niche, enough, but we still figured we didn’t want to overwhelm her current and potential clients with what she could do for them, so we decided on about 6-9 different services she could render up front (and perhaps do other tasks – that aren’t listed – after obtaining said customers).

On the front of the card are nine different items, of which 6-9 of them will be used in the final version of the logo, card, and a soon-to-be website homepage.  I figured that each item I chose to make is somewhat universally self-explanatory (some examples: the planner could mean she helps with scheduling, the pen could mean she will help with taking notes, the paper could mean she helps with documentation organization or basic paperwork, etc., etc.), and should be able to convey what she can do for them.  If not, they can always visit her upcoming site, and get a better explanation from there!

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