Project Maze v0.0.3 Playthrough

For a while now, my fiance and myself have been brainstorming ideas for a story, one that happens after the events of the 1980’s Jim Henson and David Bowie movie called “Labyrinth.”  Even before I met her, she apparently had been wanting to write a fan-made sequel novel to the movie, to explore the story of who the Goblin King really was, and his eventual relationship with an older Sarah.  One day, she decided to tell me about this idea of hers, knowing I also loved the original movie, and in my spare time – over a couple of years – I thought of how I could transcribe this new story as being more interactive (as in video game form).

From there, once I started to learn Unity and Maya in college – also in more spare time (of which there wasn’t much) – I was able to create a white box model of some of the movie, to test to see if it was an interesting place to revisit in a game.  Indeed, after much level planning (watching the movie over and over and taking still shots of certain angles of certain scenes), I was able to basically make a 1:1 version of the movie in Unity.  Over several months of adding in models, grass textures, music, and a few scripts to help showcase the very basic features of our overall idea, we had something that was both playable, and definitely nostalgic.

The above video is the entirety of what I got  in the Unity scene, so far; with the Goblin King’s castle in the distance, spurning the player to want more.  However, as I somewhat said above, the idea we have in mind is not a digital remake of the movie, but rather the events that happen afterwards; so, the Alpha version (and others) of the actual game wouldn’t showcase these areas as they are seen in the video.

Enjoy the trailer!

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