Sol Mates (Dreams Version) Logo

The logo for Sol Mates (Dreams Version)

“Sol Mates,” as mentioned in another post, was first conceived as part of a business plan that I would put into effect post graduation in 2017.  I wanted to make a small VR experience showcasing some lore and mechanics from the “Legends of Saviors” series I’ve been working on, and because of the opportunity with HVRE in 2017, I was able to create just that (and then some!).

The idea behind “Sol Mates” was to create a super surreal type of experience, that would both dazzle and even confuse the players, in a sort of curious way.  Even though the game went through major changes in the first couple of months, to eventually portray something a bit different that was originally intended, I feel the game came out stronger and even more unique and surprising.  Like with “Yenen’s Tale,” I was able to show off this game at two different art galleries, and it was even part of an interactive booth at Lexplay Gaming Convention ’17!

I can’t thank the fellow HVRE members that helped on this project enough, because I feel I wasn’t the strongest coder or artist back then (I was trying to focus on design and mechanics for this specific game), and was really needing some direction from others in the group.

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