Milestone Meeting #3 for Yenen’s Tale (Dreams Version)

Back in 2016, I joined a group of local video game devs (eventually called “HVRE” – “Hands-On Virtual Realty Experience”) in a pursuit to create a horror game for a high-end Vive VR headset (the game in question, was “Mortimer’s Mansion,” which I have blogged about before).  The next year to follow, we decided to not stick with the horror theme, but was asked, instead, to think about our dreams, and how we could transcribe such thoughts into video game form.  Also, another change for 2017, was the fact we were making our collection of games (under one title, “Dreams”) not for high-end machines, but quite the opposite; smart phones with the Google Cardboard attachment.

For the third milestone meeting for HVRE “Dreams” (which fell around the third month since the project had began in earlier in the year), I presented “Yenen’s Tale” again.  With the help of another member, the game was starting to resemble that of a VR experience, rather than the “static” point-and-click version it once was (which it still felt like it, gameplay-wise).

Since the game “Dreams,” itself, was to be a somewhat bare museum with installations and pieces that, each, would lead to the individual games that were being developed, I had to take into consideration how the player was going to actually view my game, let alone play it.  I had an idea that within the “Dreams” museum, “Yenen’s Tale” would show up as a painting on one of the walls.  When the player got close to it, they would be able to press a button on the painting screen, and they would be somewhat transported into the painting, itself, but still feel like they are just standing around in the museum.  A few other tweaks and features were added in this version, including the beginnings of a new enemy NPC!

Enjoy the video!

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