Milestone Meeting #1 for Sol Mates (Dreams Version)

Back in 2016, I joined a group of local video game devs (eventually called “HVRE” – “Hands-On Virtual Realty Experience”) in a pursuit to create a horror game for a high-end Vive VR headset (the game in question, was “Mortimer’s Mansion,” which I have blogged about before).  The next year to follow, we decided to not stick with the horror theme, but was asked, instead, to think about our dreams, and how we could transcribe such thoughts into video game form.  Also, another change for 2017, was the fact we were making our collection of games (under one title, “Dreams”) not for high-end machines, but quite the opposite; smart phones with the Google Cardboard attachment.

The second game I wanted to include in HVRE’s 2017 project – “Dreams” – had been an idea floating around in my head since I made a business plan in college for what I was to do after graduating.  The first game I ever wanted to publish was to be a small VR experience having to do with some of the origins of the Buntaiens in the “Legends of Saviors” series.  It was to be a game where the player would play as a soul that had just arrived on the planet for reincarnation.  One could fly around certain themed maps and cleanse the bodies of the negative masses, awakening their chakras and purifying their souls.  Eventually, the player would have to find the right “host” to take as their new body, hence the birth of a Buntaien – a Cosmic Angel.

From the beginning of my concept on paper, the leader of the HVRE group kept specifying how the design of my game would probably make half of its audience sick, with all of the constant moving and so forth.  So, within a couple of days, I scrapped the white box model I had so diligently created, and started from scratch, getting a concept artist on board, and moving the art direction in a completely different way.  We somehow were able to keep a lot of the same mechanics from the original, but just done in different ways.

Enjoy the video!

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