HVRE 2017 Dreams Interviews

The YT thumbnail for the group interview video

After HVRE “Dreams” was all but completed and published, we all sat down as a group and had our last monthly meeting (a month after the last milestone meeting).  The leader of HVRE wanted to interview each of us, during this time, and edit down the videos into succinct and entertaining monologues about our individual experiences for the past 5 months.

Being close to the leader (and also mentor at the time), and knowing a little about video editing, I took it upon myself to gather up all of the data we gathered that day, and take a couple of weeks to edit hours upon hours of video, injecting unique, yet consistent flavor in each of them.  After all was said and done, I had made a video for each of the core members of HVRE 2017, and also created a final compilation video, with the best parts of each specific one in it, which would be played at the RJD (RunJumpDev) monthly meeting that would take place afterwards.

I never really saw myself as a type of editor, but after years of playing around with editing software, and knowing how OCD I can be, perhaps it was destined to be a good fit, after all.  I hope to continue to do video editing in the future, and perhaps even dabble in After Effects and other pieces of software to create even better videos!

Please enjoy the playlist above; with the first video being the compilation interview mentioned.

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