Final Milestone Meeting for Yenen’s Tale (Dreams Version)

Back in 2016, I joined a group of local video game devs (eventually called “HVRE” – “Hands-On Virtual Realty Experience”) in a pursuit to create a horror game for a high-end Vive VR headset (the game in question, was “Mortimer’s Mansion,” which I have blogged about before).  The next year to follow, we decided to not stick with the horror theme, but was asked, instead, to think about our dreams, and how we could transcribe such thoughts into video game form.  Also, another change for 2017, was the fact we were making our collection of games (under one title, “Dreams”) not for high-end machines, but quite the opposite; smart phones with the Google Cardboard attachment.

During this last milestone meeting, I showed off the last features that had been added in the last month of our development process for “Yenen’s Tale.”  Small, annoying bugs were dealt with (thanks to, yet, another member of the team), the two main scenes of the game could finally transport the character appropriately between each other, new animations were added to the city scene (the secondary scene), and the enemy NPC we had been working for what seemed like forever, was finally up and about and attacking out player.  We completed the basics of the fighting system we wanted, and the main character was now able to fight against his attacker (and actually win!).

I really enjoyed working on “Yenen’s Tale,” it feeling like the first, true game I really created from scratch, and am looking forward to jumping back into it, and continuing his tale from where we left off (and not for the VR platform, this time).

Enjoy the video!

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