Final Milestone Meeting for Sol Mates (Dreams Version)

Back in 2016, I joined a group of local video game devs (eventually called “HVRE” – “Hands-On Virtual Realty Experience”) in a pursuit to create a horror game for a high-end Vive VR headset (the game in question, was “Mortimer’s Mansion,” which I have blogged about before).  The next year to follow, we decided to not stick with the horror theme, but was asked, instead, to think about our dreams, and how we could transcribe such thoughts into video game form.  Also, another change for 2017, was the fact we were making our collection of games (under one title, “Dreams”) not for high-end machines, but quite the opposite; smart phones with the Google Cardboard attachment.

In the final monthly milestone meeting for HVRE’s 2017 project – “Dreams” – I showed off the last features and nuances we had added into “Sol Mates,” truly revealing the new vision we conjured up within the few months before this.  Lots of new sound effects and textures were added in, to give the game more flare and personality.  The planets now revolve in a better manner,each one with a different velocity and mass.  We also perfected the gameplay from just mindlessly absorbing souls, and added in a couple layers of small challenges to give it more depth.

Sadly, some major features that were planned on being added in didn’t make the cut before Lexplay Gaming Convention ’17 in Lexington, Kentucky started (of which we were to present there, eventually in the year).  One feature I’m still kind of sore about – but plan on going back to update it – is the fact we didn’t have the manpower and time to add in a enemy NPC model we had been working, and the AI and features that went with it.  We were, however, able to add in the colored model, placed far into the background of the game, as a sort of foreshadowing “Easter Egg,” of possible things to come.

Even though the game didn’t turn out at all what I had expected, it was good to have the challenge of having to start something completely from scratch, with a deadline hovering over one’s head, and make it even better than it was before.  I feel we possibly did that, and as I said before, I hope to keep updating the game when time allows!

Enjoy the video!

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