Final Hurdles Meeting for Sol Mates

In 2016, I was a part of a 5-week personal game jam at RunJumpDev (a local video game creator’s group), creating planetary concept art for some upcoming games.  Then later in 2017, after graduation, I decided to try it all over again, but instead of simple concept art, I decided to throw in one of the current “Dreams” projects at the time, “Sol Mates;” a precursor mini-game of sorts to the entirety of the “Legends of Saviors” series I had been working on up to that point.

In the last week for this round of Hurdles, I had cemented certain features while cutting others, and was in the process of throwing in a little something special.  Up to this point, the game was mostly sprites and particle effects (except for the planets that revolve around the player), so myself and my main concept artist began work on an enemy NPC model, that would add some much-needed challenge to the game.  Sadly, we were not able to implement the NPC in the way we wanted, but we did get it drawn up, modeled, and rigged, and is placed as a small “Easter Egg” of sorts in the game.  If you happen to play it, see if you can spot the strange creature stalking your souls!

Enjoy the video!

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