Trippy the Hippie Concepts

These are a parody of Calvin from “Calvin and Hobbes”

Further venturing into freelancing (of at least the graphic design variety), I was tasked by an old friend to draw some mock-ups of a character he was wanting to streamline into a clothing and sticker brand.  Sticking to the demographic of the counter-culture people – or even those who like a little naughty in their nice, occasionally – he wanted “Trippy the Hippie” to encompass the lifestyle of a revolutionary pot-smoker, in which I feel I did just that.

I ended up taking some already drawn pictures of Calvin off of the internet, slapped them in Photoshop, and for the first time I grasped my drawing tablet pen, and began to trace over what I had.  I eventually found myself editing them in two slightly different ways; with different head hair, facial hair, and other small details – and the end results came out way better than I had expected (considering I don’t tend to do too well with “traditional” drawing methods, hence why I love Photoshop and Illustrator!).

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