KFTC Sticker #1

Another simple and crass KFTC piece

In helping my KFTC client (which stands for “Kill For The Cause,” if anyone was wondering), he wanted me to transcribe another idea of his onto the digital screen.  In going with the same type of monochrome, crass-punk style, he wanted to use a popular line from a show called “The Wire,” about a man – named Omar – who runs around Baltimore, being a sort of superhero to the meek and downtrodden.  This line comes up when he is entering a scene, shotgun in hand, ready to deal some justice to those who stole from his people.

Surprisingly for me, something this simple wasn’t as simple as I had thought.  I went through several iterations (some being completely different, others having slight variations to this one) before my client and I settled on this one, and another variant with a rounder apostrophe (which I left it up to him to choose which one he’ll stick with).  I feel having Omar’s name bigger than the second word signifies dominance in his character.  Adding in the apostrophe wasn’t an initial idea, but I felt it gave the piece a better overall consistency.  Also, turning both words diagonal, signifying movement and action, completely summed up what we were wanting to say with this!

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