KFTC Seu Mandruga Portrait

A logo bearing the face of Seu Mandruga

For the second task from my KFTC-brand client, I was to take an old image he had of a character from a 1980’s show created in Chili, South America – a picture that was not in great shape, mind you – and bring it back to life through Illustrator¬† After a couple of tries and techniques (since this was a somewhat new job for me to do), and a couple of meetings with him, we decided upon this version, trying to preserve the character’s style and “power,” but also keeping a consistent sense of crass punk and impact through simplicity.

I assume he will be putting this image on stickers, maybe even mugs or whatnot, which should show up nicely on any backdrop (considering the transparent version seen here also seems to stand out well with any tone of color behind it).

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