PTK Revamped Societal Crest Logo

After graduating from BCTC last year, and becoming an Alumni member within PTK honor society, I still wanted to be a part of this group that took me in, and wanted to keep giving back.  Eventually, myself and the most current president, at the time, decided that we should create some type of logo for not only our chapter, but also maybe the honor society, in general.  His idea was a simple horse around the name of our chapter, but I didn’t feel it was going to be as impactful as he maybe thought, so I decided to take a week and create something that would hopefully bedazzle him and the other members.

After taking a couple of days to actually come up with what I was going to create, looking through the history of our honor society, I found out that our societal crest hadn’t been updated in over a century.  I took it upon myself to test whether I could make something like the examples I had been researching, and decided to create 3 different versions in Illustrator, of which we could all vote upon at the next member meeting that was to be held.  During said meeting, the members – and the president I had collaborate with – were overjoyed to see how much effort I had put into it, and we all decided that the second one above encompassed exactly what we were looking for.  I took all of the symbols and codes from the original crest design and exaggerated them.  The owl, each leaf, every wisp of fire has a meaning to the members of PTK, and I hope they were able to take it all in.

Eventually, we were to put this logo on shirts, hoodies, newsletters, and many other items, and hopefully even more things in the near future!

Yenen’s Tale Final Showcase

Within the last 2 weeks of school at BCTC, I was able to squeeze in two scenes where there should have only been one for my final in Video Game design.  I hope I was able to somewhat floor my teacher for my attempt at going above and beyond, but either way, I know I had a lot of fun making it and learned a lot of things I had never considered before.

Eventually last year, I was to take this game and create a VR version for an annual HVRE project; this year our game’s theme was to be “dreams,” and what better game of mine to have than “Yenen’s Tale” (a game that has been in the making for quite some time).  In the next couple of weeks, I will be posting a myriad of information on “Yenen’s Tale” – the VR version – and the other two “Dreams” games I helped create last year!

Enjoy the video.

Yenen’s Tale Walk Cycle

Nearing the end of my last semester at BCTC in 2017, I was to perfect a game I had been working on for almost the last year, through and for different classes, in different semesters.  “Yenen’s Tale” – another game in the “Legends of Saviors” series I’ve been in the midst of creating – was the name I gave my final project, and it was looking to be a very nice piece of work (if I may say so!).

This video shows off the first walking cycle I had ever put into a video game, and even though I was still very inexperienced at the coding part of what I needed to do, I was able to use Maya and Mechanim – the latter within Unity – effectively enough to create something that wasn’t entirely horrible!

Enjoy the video.

Planet Tara/Signa (A Detailed Look)

Detailed lore of each Phase of Tara/Signa
Detailed icons and landmarks of each Phase of Tara/Signa

The fifth main planet of the first few games in the “Legends of Saviors” series.  Within “Unsung Saviors: The Buntainen Souls” – one of the many offshoot games in the series – a complete and perfected group of 5 Buntaiens of Saro make their way to this technological marvel, yet what they find is a seemingly dead hunk of metal and rock hanging in the sky.  What has transpired here, and are there any survivors left over from such a silent and peaceful genocide?

I will let the pictures explain themselves!

DeskMate Icon Concepts

A few different icons for the DeskMate company

My wife and very best friend is a successful supervisor at her job at Conduent, but last year she wanted to also branch out, seeing that I was starting my own little thing and actually getting paid for it.  With all of the skills and experience she had gained through her 4 years (starting as a lowly temp, and rising fast to her current position), she wanted to use them to create her own side business.  Eventually, she decided that the idea of a “Virtual Assistant” – something that is not yet common here in America – would fit her skillset the best.

Myself, being able to create marketing pieces for others, decided that I would help her build her style and brand, and started off small, making some basic icons to try to encompass the name she had picked, and the services she was offering.  At first, the monochrome style I had been used to wasn’t going over all too well with her, so she pulled out a small drawing she had done at work, and right then and there I knew what my newest “client” was looking for.  I took her idea and made two different versions (of which you can see above, on the bottom row) and she adored them.  She began using her new icons right away, putting them on contracts and the new web site she was beginning to build.

Planet Jagg (A Detailed Look)

Detailed lore of each Phase of Jagg
Detailed icons and landmarks of each Phase of Jagg

The fourth main planet of the first few games in the “Legends of Saviors” series.  Within “Unsung Saviors: The Buntainen Souls” – one of the many offshoot games in the series – Yenen, Draegon, and Wajoby make their way to this frozen orb of secrets, to unearth a certain mineral that should be able to cull the ever-growing demonic soul within Kaiel back on Par’N.

I will let the pictures explain themselves!

KFTC Sticker #1

Another simple and crass KFTC piece

In helping my KFTC client (which stands for “Kill For The Cause,” if anyone was wondering), he wanted me to transcribe another idea of his onto the digital screen.  In going with the same type of monochrome, crass-punk style, he wanted to use a popular line from a show called “The Wire,” about a man – named Omar – who runs around Baltimore, being a sort of superhero to the meek and downtrodden.  This line comes up when he is entering a scene, shotgun in hand, ready to deal some justice to those who stole from his people.

Surprisingly for me, something this simple wasn’t as simple as I had thought.  I went through several iterations (some being completely different, others having slight variations to this one) before my client and I settled on this one, and another variant with a rounder apostrophe (which I left it up to him to choose which one he’ll stick with).  I feel having Omar’s name bigger than the second word signifies dominance in his character.  Adding in the apostrophe wasn’t an initial idea, but I felt it gave the piece a better overall consistency.  Also, turning both words diagonal, signifying movement and action, completely summed up what we were wanting to say with this!

Planet Hatz (A Detailed Look)

Detailed lore of each Phase of Hatz
Detailed icons and landmarks of each Phase of Hatz

The third main planet of the first few games in the “Legends of Saviors” series.  Within “Unsung Saviors: The Buntainen Souls” – one of the many offshoot games in the series – this is where Yenen, Luka, and Kaiel must venture to, in order to find the last of the 5 Saro Buntaiens, and to help soothe the lives of the inhabitants of this crumbling world.

I will let the pictures explain themselves!

KFTC Seu Mandruga Portrait

A logo bearing the face of Seu Mandruga

For the second task from my KFTC-brand client, I was to take an old image he had of a character from a 1980’s show created in Chili, South America – a picture that was not in great shape, mind you – and bring it back to life through Illustrator  After a couple of tries and techniques (since this was a somewhat new job for me to do), and a couple of meetings with him, we decided upon this version, trying to preserve the character’s style and “power,” but also keeping a consistent sense of crass punk and impact through simplicity.

I assume he will be putting this image on stickers, maybe even mugs or whatnot, which should show up nicely on any backdrop (considering the transparent version seen here also seems to stand out well with any tone of color behind it).

Planet Katu (A Detailed Look)

Detailed lore of each Phase of Katu
Detailed icons and landmarks of each Phase of Katu

The second main planet of the first few games in the “Legends of Saviors” series.  This is where the 4th Buntaien of Saro, Luka, will be found, and also a foul plot to create a planetary civil war is afoot!  Can Yenen – on his first, true mission as a Buntaien – find and save her before she is embroiled in the chaos that is surely to ensue?

I will let the pictures explain themselves!