Landscape Composition

My very first attempt at a true landscape composition

While attending BCTC for a Design degree, it was obvious that I would eventually have to stretch my artistic muscles once again, but this time through various styles and programs.  Using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and others would help me reclaim a glimmer of artistic talent that was dormant for many years, prior.

Being my very first, “fully realized” art piece, attempting to create a still life landscape using only the most basic tools of Illustrator, I feel it came out better than expected and actually keeps the expression of the photo that this inspired.  Using only the pen tool and some basic shapes (utilizing the wonderful pathfinder tools), I found myself working on this for two days: playing around with what could work, how I could create a stylized shading for the entirety of the piece, and trying to bring it all together with cohesion and a nice balance of color and density.

Even though I can only take so much credit for this piece (considering, like I said, it was a reworking of someone else’s photo, which can be viewed here), I came away with a newfound confidence that I could, indeed, create a complex work of “art” using something more than just rudimentary shapes with gradients and subtle strokes (even though that is definitely a sound way of doing things, haha).


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