Cityscape Composition

My first attempt at capturing a cityscape composition

While attending BCTC for a Design degree, it was obvious that I would eventually have to stretch my artistic muscles once again, but this time through various styles and programs.  Using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and others would help me reclaim a glimmer of artistic talent that was dormant for many years, prior.

Like with the landscape composition I did prior to this one, I was tasked with creating another scene; however this one had to be a bit more “synthetic,” creating a cityscape using, yet again, only the most basic of tools Illustrator offers us.  I had a picture in my arsenal that I really liked (which can be viewed here), and thought that it was both very doable (at this stage of my “development” with illustrator) and would also provide enough of a challenge to get me to think and try to do things differently than I had before.

Taking into account the shear density of the city below the majestic pool that floated above, I knew that if I were going to make the deadline for the project, I would have to “cut some corners,” as it were, and minimize the scope a bit (both in the scene itself and how I would actually be creating the objects, themselves).  During a game jam I participated in a year prior, I had to create various concept art of various worlds, some having cityscapes on their surfaces (however, those were of a smaller scale than this one).  I created different techniques for duplicating and distorting a handful of objects into half-a-dozen or more, and implemented those techniques into this piece; as you can probably tell, there is only around 5 unique buildings scattered about, while the rest of them are changed-up duplicates.  I tried to spread out the objects to make sure there was no monotony or too much repetition anywhere to be found, and felt I came away with a better knowledge on a few things, mostly including how to use space and negative-space accordingly!


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