Traditional Still Life

First attempt at creating a traditional Sill Life scene in Adobe Illustrator
My first attempt at using some of the 3D tools in Illustrator

While attending BCTC for a Design degree, it was obvious that I would eventually have to stretch my artistic muscles once again, but this time through various styles and programs.  Using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and others would help me reclaim a glimmer of artistic talent that was dormant for many years, prior.

While learning how to use more of the tools in Illustrator, I began to utilize various techniques to create either stylized or realistic (even to the point of using the 3D Revolve tool to enhance my objects) still lifes, encompassing the beloved “bottle and fruit” pairing.  I feel compared to my very first piece (which, again, was simply the outline and fill of four different fruits), and even the second one having to do with the boats among a lakeside, I have developed considerable knowledge and foresight into how to create “works of art” by using very simple, yet broad techniques.  Here soon, I will be developing some composition pieces, and hope to create even better pieces!

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