Rigged Yenen Model

My first rigged character model
My first cut scene dealing with Yenen

During my second foray into the college life, I decided to go for an Associate’s in Video Game Design (specifically for the artsy side of the process, rather than the technical parts, for now).  During these two years at BCTCS, I have learned how to create GDDs appropriately, construct 3D models using Maya, create textures for those models (using Photoshop and Maya), import assets and create small games with said assets within Unity, and learned overall about the new and old techniques it takes to make an efficient and unique video game.

For my final project within one of my video game development courses, I was tasked with creating a lone cut-scene that would utilize various assets and components I had previously created and used from prior projects in the same class.  I had to rig up my very first character model (being Yenen from my “Legends of Saviors” series), create a small environment in which Yenen would be able to interact with, and eventually animate my character with a 3-6 second animation within said environment.  I imported some models from my original “Transpatial Room” that I had made previously, and created a somewhat “side-scrolling” version of it to encompass the flip animation I had designed up in a storyboard for this project.

It took a lot of hours, sweat, and sacrifice, but I was able to complete the project just hours before it was due, and luckily made a 110/100 grade for it once it was all said and done!  I plan on creating a video or gif of the actual animation, and will post about it once that happens.

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